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06 December 2006



Missed one from Penny Arcade!

Serenity Tales

They're all up now -- including that one. But good eye!



One of his earlier comics. Hold the mouse over the image if you can't guess who was who :)


Serenity reference in Narbonic (second strip)

Happy to see my own little webcomic (Brickgirl & Oscar) on the list :)

Alycia Shedd

Another Serenity reference in Narbonic. Second strip from the top.


The Screenings.... The Frustration...


How about:

Paul Caughell

A couple from Sanity Check:

Paul Gadzikowski

You missed mine. It starts here:

- and goes on for nine days.


A rather obscure comic that you shouldn't have been expected to know about ;)


Missed another Penny Arcade one.

Serenity Tales

No, we got that one. See #7,


Thanks for the mention. FYI, though; the reference you posted is actually a fan art piece someone sent in that refers to an entire Firefly-esque storyline that begins with Kit getting bored.
(link at

Gabe Rudolph

Here are some from No 4th Wall to Break:


Here's one I did last year amdist my own webcomic, Cool Intentions:

--Dave "Diavo" Voltaggio

Arwen Lune

Don't think you have the Devil's Panties one yet:


The new xkcd has another reference!


Found another!


The most recent Ctrl+Alt+Del comic has a small Firefly reference.

I think there may have been more in the past, I'll try to skim through.



And a couple that are more about Joss Whedon, so I don't know if that counts.


Another minor reference to Firefly:

Philippa Chapman

I recently came across a 'comic' pre-figuring of Serenity, the ship. It's from the big booklet of artwork accompanying Hawkwind's second LP. [Go hunt your vinyl copies now!!]



I found this small comic that had quite a few Serenity/Firefly references:


Note that the Punch an' Pie strip listed at #63 above is actually the first in a four-strip Firefly dream sequence.


Zoidland added a new one...


here are a few new ones I just found\




Chris Wilson

Found a new one. Enjoy!

And yes, this might be a fun Firefly one-shot spin-off, but Joss would never write it. He's far too intelligent.


I started reading Arcane Times, and found that they started working their Firefly (and Joss) love early:

Anton Sherwood

PVP's archives have been reorganized at least twice in the past year or two; the current syntax for the strip first cited above is (from which perhaps you can infer any others).

Chris Clubb

I am not able to find the book that Kerry Pearson wrote ,
which was : The BrownCoat Handbook : A
Fairly Incomplete Collection Of Songs, Words, Images And Pictures
Inspired by , we know who .
Can you please tell me where can I find a copy of the book , thank you Chris Clubb


One from the comic Exterminatus Now.


Oooooh, oooh! I was on an archive trawl and found !!!


Ethan's wearing a Blue Sun shirt here.


One of the Ctrl Alt Del Sillies has a reference to the possibility of a Firefly MMO:


xkcd's got another one:

(It's over in the length section of the chart, and the alt)


xkcd had another one:


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